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    Q: Are you looking for a coffee alternative that looks, feels and tastes like coffee, has no caffeine, so no coffee side-effects, while offering a number of nutritious health benefits & is not a caffeinated tea?

    Tempted to Swerve ..

    A: Try Wild Pharmacy's - Wild Chaga Extract

    QUIZ: Can you spot the difference between Chaga and Coffee below?

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    left cup is coffee              right cup is Chaga

    Experience the taste of Wild Chaga Extract - Try our Wild Chaga Extract and compare the taste to your daily coffee (100 servings at 55p a serving )

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    Coffee = Caffeine = Drug = Side Effects =Addictive

    If you can't do without your daily fix of coffee because you will get that splitting detox headache, then you know you're addicted. The reason I gave up coffee is I noticed that after the euphoria of having my morning coffee I would start feeling irritable, scatty with my thoughts and heart racing. I felt my blood sugar drop as well as increasing diuresis and dehydration. After several coffee’s I would experience flu like symptoms, as well as, the jitters, low level anxiety not to mention insomnia. I would also find it hard to concentrate and flit between too many tasks, not really achieving any of them. The caffeine could not be good for my body or overall wellbeing and I felt uncomfortable being dependent on a substance albeit a food but what to replace it with? As making and having coffee had become integrated into my daily life through powerful ritual which marked the beginning of each day. Then along came Chaga Extract , it took 3 months to make the change. and its been 8 weeks since I broke the habit. I still drink the occasional coffee but the difference is now its a choice and not a need.

    So if you are are looking to bring your body and life back into balance with a nutritious alternative to coffee that satisfies your craving for a cup of the black stuff, then read on and we'll explore the detrimental effects of coffee and how you can drastically reduce or replace your daily coffee easily with Chaga extract, the nutritious alternative to coffee.


    Photo by Jordan Sanchez

    Why reduce your coffee intake or give up coffee altogether?

    In the Western world there has been an explosion of coffee shops, with 70 million cups of coffee consumed a day in the UK alone. Caffeine addiction is now an accepted way of life for many and its not being correlated with the adverse effects on people’s health.

    The irony is that in our stressful modern way of life where many people suffer low grade anxiety as well as poor sleep, we consume coffee to make us feel better all the while exacerbating these problems.

    Photo by Jordan Sanchez

    What negative effects does coffee have on your body and health?

    Caffeine is one of the most extensively studied substances. 

    Excessive intake of coffee can produce symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, excitement, insomnia, depression, headache, duodenal ulcers, constipation, frequent urination and digestive complaints. 

    It also inhibits absorption of iron and calcium.



    When giving up coffee you need to have a strong reason for Why?

    Here are a some major effects of coffee on our health and wellbeing.

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    Coffee Stress + Cortisol

    Drinking coffee stimulates the release of the stress hormones cortisol, nor adrenaline and adrenaline which raise heart rate, blood pressure and affect hormonal balance. Added to the fact that many of us are already suffering from “adrenal stress” due to modern day work and lifestyle habits, the end result is, we experience low energy levels, anxiety, stress and weight gain through hormonal imbalance.

    So we reach for that extra cup of coffee to give us an energy hit and help us to work longer, when in fact all we are doing is setting up a vicious cycle of increased cortisol production, resulting in adrenal exhaustion and depletion of our natural energy stores.

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    Coffee Insomnia + stimulant

    Caffeine is a well known stimulant that affects our central nervous system making us feel more alert but thats not so great when it’s time to relax and go to sleep. 

    The effects of coffee on our adrenals interfere with our ability to get a good nights sleep and a good nights sleep means, a deep restorative sleep.

    It’s best to avoid coffee after 2 pm as coffee has a half life of 6 hrs so even after 6 hrs you still have half the caffeine in your body.

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    Coffee Mental Overactivity +++

    Coffee is well known for giving us a burst of energy, a coffee high but what goes up must come down, as our energy crashes we're reaching for another coffee or other stimulant. just to get through the day.  We can become ungrounded and hyperactive., as our minds go into overdrive making it difficult to focus and make clear decision. 

    GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter responsible for producing a calming effect in the body and caffeine has been shown to block GABA action further decreasing our ability to deal with stress.

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    Coffee Indigestion + Acid

    Coffee is a highly acidic substance in itself and also stimulates our stomach to produce more gastric acid. This can lead to heartburn and create an acid environment, more prone to ulcers.

    Acidic environments are detrimental to our health on so many levels; we need an alkaline environment to thrive and prevent cancer.



    Chaga: the Healthy nutritious alternative to coffee.

    The Caffeine Free Drink

    Most coffee replacements are based around tea’s

    which let’s face it just doesn’t have the same taste, texture or feel as coffee.


    With a healthy coffee substitute it must look and taste similar to coffee as well as having the energy boost that you initially get without the side effects of caffeine.


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    As like a lot of people I am conscious of my three cups of coffee maybe slightly high intake of caffeine to get me through a working day. I heard about Chaga and was really surprised how great it tasted as a real coffee alternative. But its not just the taste that I enjoy, surprisingly didn't feel any cold turkey for reducing coffee cups from 3 to 1 and feeling happier that this has been an easy transition.

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    Damian Surowiec

    Executive Chef

    I tried the Wild Chaga with just some milk and I'm surprised about the flavour. Tastes almost like coffee without a bitter side to it.

    The Positive Health Benefits of Chaga compared to coffee

    When you compare Chaga to coffee, Chaga has the opposite positive effects to the negative effects of coffee.

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    Chaga - No Stress

    Chaga is an adaptogen which means it supports the body to manage stressors of all kinds.

    Adaptogenic herbs will lower and balance high cortisol levels through balancing hormones, reducing inflammation and balancing blood sugar

    Chaga has been shown to aid the body in adrenal recovery, 

    bringing you back into a state of wellbeing.

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    Chaga - Deep Sleep

    Giving you a deep restorative night’s sleep is a major benefit, this is where Chaga excels.

    Deep sleep is vital to our long term health and wellbeing. Most of us can get to sleep but never get into the deep sleep, waking often and finding it difficult to get back to sleep.

    We live in London and even with the noise our sleeping has improved 500%. If I wake in the night, I have no trouble falling back into a deep sleep quickly.

    How does chaga help you sleep so well? The answer: it’s high concentration of Melanin. Chaga is melanin rich, its what makes Chaga so black. Melanin is needed by your body to convert into the deep sleep hormone Melatonin which is activated at night. Many of our client’s witness a rapid improvement in their sleep, helping many who suffer from chronic insomnia. Sleep is key to our health; to regenerating our body and boosting our immunity.

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    Calm Chaga

    Chaga keeps you calm and helps you think straight. Unlike coffee Chaga is not a stimulant- it’s a balancer and helps to calm your nervous system so you can focus and make the right decisions during your day. On taking Chaga you will notice it gives you what you need in a balanced way. if energy is low it will give it a boost , if there is nervous energy it will calm.

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    Digestive Tonic

    The Siberian indigenous tribes used Chaga as a digestive tonic for hundreds of years. Chaga's anti-inflammatory effects can help calm the stomach and intestines from any over inflammatory activity.

    Chaga is a great source of the vitamin pantothenic acid,  an essential nutrient for your digestive organs as well as supporting your adrenal glands to function optimally. 

    Chaga extract, the nutritious, healthy alternative to coffee.

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    FACT :There is a big difference between Chaga Extract and Chaga tea!


    Chaga tea looks and tastes like a herbal tea, while Chaga Extract has the colour, depth, texture and taste similar to coffee.

    Only the extract of Chaga has been concentrated into a fine, diamond like, jet black powder that makes it instantaneously dissolve in hot water which you can then mix with your favourite milk, cream or have plain with honey.

    There are more Chaga drink recipes for your attention, if you wish to explore more, visit our Wild Pharmacy Kitchen 


    Giving up coffee and minimising coffee withdrawal

    Having come through the process of coming off coffee totally, what I've found is having Chaga for a few months now I naturally started weaning off coffee particularly the one I used to have in the afternoon for a pick me up. I replaced it with a Chaga Cacao drink which is delicious and nutritious rich in antioxidants.. Our customer's have also reported that the chaga extract has helped them wean off coffee and drastically reduce their intake from 4 cups to 1 cup a day. So giving up coffee doesn't have to be painful. If you want to give up totally then I recommend a flavoured green tea as a substitute for a few days which will help to minimise the withdrawal headaches.

    Living Caffeine Free

    I am so glad I have broken my coffee habit because I feel so much calmer and more centred. I never want to go back to the way I felt before, dictated to by a substance because I am going to get a headache, if I don't have a coffee. Like any drug it takes us out of reality, out of our centre and out of the present.

    Being centred, realistic and present, we have the power to make the best decisions for ourselves, our lives, our health and our wellbeing.

    For a more in depth look at the health benefits of Chaga extract please visit our dedicated Chaga website at http://chaga.wildpharmacy.uk  


    Take a chance & order your Wild Chaga coffee alternative now!


    Article by Marek Duchnowski, Founder of Wild Pharmacy


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