Chaga Bread

We asked our good friend the artisan bread maker in Barnes, London to try our Wild Chaga in his bread and we must say it is delicious.

The ingredients are wheat flour (wholemeal, organic white, ancient grain spelt), water, fresh yeast, Himalayan rock salt and Chaga.

Absolutely no added milk, egg, nuts, fat, sugar, E numbers, enhancers, fortifiers, anti-caking agent,  mould inhibitors, preservers, emulsifiers, treatment agents or anything unnatural whatsoever, all of which are regularly put into supermarket bread.

Our advise of how to add Chaga to your own bread is try putting half a teaspoon per 500g flour into the dry flour before adding the water, or in a bread machine add half the flour, then the Chaga and then the other half of the flour. Then at rest it won't disturb the yeast or dissolve in the water. Send us your picture.