non-caffeinated and Dairy Free

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Chaga, a great alternative to coffee
If you are looking for an alternative to coffee, but still want to experience a similar taste then look no further than to Wild Pharmacy Siberian Chaga extract. Not only will you experience the dark, rich, velvety taste similar to coffee, you will be taking into your body the most powerful concentration of antioxidants known to man boosting your immunity. 
The Chaga is non caffeinated but when I take it I still get a coffee hit without the jitters and the drop in blood sugar. We have found that drinking Chaga gives you a prolonged boost in energy, helps you focus, you get more done at work and alleviates tiredness. We have also noticed that Chaga acts as an appetite suppressant, so having a Chaga will stop you reaching for that carb hit we normally want in the afternoon. 
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